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 Geronimo's Attack!


Geronimo and his band of Apache warriors make a dawn raid on a US Army outpost.  Their objective - guns, ammo, firewater and tinned-fruit!  Can they pull it off before the Cavalry arrives?

The Troopers at Fort Reno patrol the perimeter

A warcry rips through the morning calm!  "Injuns!!"

The Troopers' aim is off!  Too many Apaches survive the first 3 volleys!

While his Braves attack the farmhouse, Geronimo leads a small band on a flanking manoeuver

The Cavalry finally arrives!  Can they make it to the Fort before the defenders are overrun?

"Ugh!  Me Smells Bad!  You, white face, dead!"

"Taraaa!!"  Sweet music to the besieged troops!  "Chaarge!!"

Several rounds of close combat and many casualties later ...

It's scalping time!!

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