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Here are pics of a Darkest Africa game we played in Berlin on 14 October 2006. The game was a straight forward battle between German (painted by Alex Bews) and British East African forces (painted by Bjoern Reichel).  Here is the battle report written by Bjoern:

Last saturday we played a Darkest Africa Game in Berlin. We gathered there because of a gaming weekend we planned with some Pulp and Adventure Gaming Aficionados. The game was played between Witchhunter and Dominic representing the Germans and Grimm and me representing the British.  If you knew our real origin you would smile.
The Rules are my own Ruleset called Triumph and Tragedy ( if someone can think of a better title, please write me ). The rules are not complete yet and so this game was a good chance for testing them.

The Rules use cards for actions and ten and six sided dice. Range is measured in inches and one figure represents one man. There are Units ( maximum 10 men ) , Leaders and Heroes.

Saturday afternoon about teatime Eastern Africa...
“ Well Sir. I think the natives are a bit nervous.”
“I know Barker, by Jove, I know…” Sir Frederic Conn Smythe Fortescue said “ Guess they can smell that German Expedition were gonna ambush soon, like I can smell my Darjeeling…”

I think its time we gather our forces. Jenkins…. Prepare the men….and someone call Abdullah.  This tea cup is hurting my arm, by Jove “

“ Na gut… Josef….ein Glas Apfelwein wäre jetzt prächtig….”
„ I think those English Gentlemen will be waiting on us behind this ridge....“
“ The Herr knows so much… but he will guide us wisely. I have faith oh Great White man.”
We will send our Askaris right down to this old forgotten ruined city over there and wait for Mittagessen….HarHarHar”

“ Do you hear this Makane…”
“ Oh yes, M`Buna ….I hope its no big Lion “
“ There is something behind those bushes….”

The two forces marched straight forward onto each other. Not much with tactics. The scouts detected no ambush and so all was fine for the British Expedition force. They opened the fire first when they saw some German Askari resting between some ruins. The British fire was heavy but casualties were low…
“ Look….over there ze Englischman is kommen”

“ Forward, my brave Askari. For the Queen. Give them lead and let them taste our steel “

What this fine English lad did not know was that he led his men right into the fire of these well trained German Soldiers !

“ Bayonette aufpflanzen, zielen, feuern auf mein Kommando. “

At about the same time an ambush was layed on those fellas here !

The whole troop really got it bad. They had to make a regroup test. Passed it and tried to attack once more but they never had enough punch after the ambush for this job.

The British hunters laid themselves an ambush on a native combat unit. The poor native soldiers pressed into German service performed well under those devastating fire. They even tried to charge the Hunters but failed there morale test.


The British Command unit went forward to support there troops but was also taken under heavy fire. They had to regroup and then withdraw from the Germans.

As the British player I would say it was a draw. In reality, it was a loss for the Britts. We had many more casualties and our crack units had to pay the highest toll.   It was a good test for the rules. The rules were fast, nobody had "big questions" and we didn't argue much.  I think the guys had fun too... Darkest Berlin bleibt German until the next duel.

The miniatures are painted by Witchhunter ( ze Krauts ) and Driscoles ( The Honorable English Expedition ). Terrain is by Battlefield Berlin and Driscoles. The ruins are from Ziterdes.

Those great pictures are all taken by the 2nd in Command of the Germans. Leutnant Dominic.

Thank you Guys. You are real Gentlemen !

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