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The Mystery of Tutankhamun's Tomb!


This game was played in Battlefield Berlin on 20 January 2007 using "Chaos in Cairo" pulp adventure rules.

A team of British Egyptologists led by Prof Cunningham discovers the secret entrance to Tutankhamun's lost tomb!  The Prof's lovely assistant Vanessa Hargreaves looks around to make sure no one has followed them.

The Prof leads the rest of his team - the ardent adventurer Sir James Pond III and his trusty sidekick Detective Sgt (Ret'd) Arjun Khan Singh - to the tomb.

The Prof also arranges (with his old school tie) for a British army escort.  "You heard the Prof.  Let's secure this area before any bandits turn up!"

"Infidel!  I am the Guardian of the Pharoah!"  You have desecrated the sacred Tomb of Tutankhamun!  You will pay for this!"

"Wooo! Infidels...You must pay for your folly with your blood!"

"Right lads!  No need to call for your Mummy now!  Form firing line and fire at will!"

A wailing banshee and its escort bars the way to the tomb!

"Ah my pretty!  I must have you!"

"No!  Stay away!"  The Prof and Sir James come to the rescue!

"Wooo!" The Mummies after routing the British infantry, surround the lone officer!

"Hold on Sir!  I'll help you as soon as I've finished with this one!"

Vanessa and Sir James are knocked out.  The team pick up their casualties and try to retreat.  But the Mummies are too fast for them!

The Guardian of Tutankhamun's tomb drags Vanessa away.  "Your blood will cleanse the tomb's desecration on the next full moon!"

What will happen to Vanessa?  Will she be saved?  Stay tuned for the next episode of "The Mystery of Tutankhamun's Tomb!"


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